What *exactly* am I doing?

30 12 2008

Oh god…

half of my life I try to figure out what am I doing. It is always so complicated to explain to people, even to myself! I remember during my PhD it was very tough to describe what I do. For the engineers it was OK: “Ship collision simulations using finite elements”. But what about normal people? What do you tell them? At some point I gave up and simply said I am something like a drug dealer…

Now I am again in more or less the same situation, but rather trying to figure out what I do in my life and explain it to myself. I do two things, which already makes things difficult: I am a professional C/C++ software developer. But software is only the mans for me. Deep inside I am always an engineer. There are moments that even though I am among papers and in front of two monitors, I can smell the steel…

Up to now, what I know I like to do is solve problems. I like solving interesting engineering problems, especially in terms of simulations, and set up the software or glueing the software myself. Or describing what to do. But I figure this is the dream job for every engineer?!? Therefore you cannot somehow describe what it is…. any help?




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