The way we think

11 01 2009

A theory I have been working in my mind for quite some time is that there are two extrema in the way people think and try to use their intelligence to solve day to day problems or the mysteries of the universe. People use empiricism or theorism. Concervatives are empiricists. Engineers are empiricists. Socialists are theorists. Physicists are theorists. this does not mean that being one you necessarily have to be the other. Nor that you think at one extremumor the other. Not at all. One may mix and match the way they approach their problems. Most people would find their mindset closer to one end in some circumstances and vice versa. Many excellent physisits or mathematicians where engineers. Many excellent engineers where mathematicians. But the tools that we use to approach problems either come top-down, from theory to practice, or bottom-up, from empiricity to practice. Empiricity is not necessarily pragmatic. It may only be aprojection of reality.




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