The road to Merida

4 02 2009

Not quite over my jet lag yet… it’s been almost a week and still very little sleep…

The road to Merida from Cancun is an easy drive.  We started about noon because we had to go get the car.


No wonder why not a single guide book mentioned themm. Budget is far from the Cancun airport. We got there pretty late looking for them but they weren’t there. Not a booth, not a person nothing. We went to the hotel in Cancun by taxi. Next day I called them and someone picked us up and took us to their premises somewhere.  People were really nice, just like all Mexicans, but I got an awful car. I suspect it had a crash on its left side and then went right into the sea. It was pitted and dented all around. Clinking and clanging at mid speed and vibrating at idle. I am  sure they have better cars, but this one was not automatic so I suspect it was their only one and badly treated. So if you rent non-automatic, be careful.

The road to Merida is quite pleasant. We took the quota (toll) road which let’s you avoid the 150 topas of the free road. Unfortunately you do not get to see the Maya vilalges on the way, but we got to see many so it’s OK. It’s about a 2.5 hour drive from Cancun to Merida, and on the way it’s a good opportunity to get off the main road and pay a visit to Chichen Itza, one of the most popular Mayan sites. It was not the best I visited, but it’s just one you do not miss. On the way, there is a Mayan village as well, full featured with topas and everything in case you missed them on the highway…

Chichen Itza was my first encounter with the Mayan culture…




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