14 02 2009

Merry Merida is a pleasure to visit. We stayed for four days in the fabulous Luz En Yucatan. This is a really pleasant small hotel and the owner has put a lot of effort to make you feel at home. I would definitely suggest staying there however I expect its growing reputation to overwhelm its capacity so plan ahead. In general, I found it quite wise to plan and book in advance in Mexico. Don’t plan for bargain. If you get a price that’s good enough for your pocket, just go for it and make people’s life easier and your vacation longer. Otherwise you’ll spend your vacation planning your vacation. Anyway, we stayed in the front room which is pleasant, spacious and very cosy. The only problem would be the noise from the street, that you can reach from that room only. But you’re in Mexico and in exchange for the little noise during daytime – Nighttime is quiet) you can count the by-passers swinging in your hamaca.

Merida is a very clean and very pleasant little city. There’s not much to do in the city but stroll up and down its pleasant streets, sip a few margaritas and try some yucateca cuisine, though I have to say I prefer the mainstream Mexican. Hang around the evening fiestas and enjoy the laid back atmosphere. for the best by far food in town visit El Templo. The food is excellent and unique, but don’t forget to wash down the tasty tortillas with a Margarita a las rocas. There are many things to do around and I definitely suggest visiting Uxmal,which I consider the most amazing archaeological site, Campeche which is a beauty on its own and Champoton for the flamingos.


The museum of modern art is certainly worth a visit.




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