What progress?

14 02 2009

A few hours ago a friend told me what many people are led to believe: that,yes, there is a financial turmoil, but some good may come out ofit as with the .com crisis, where in the years that followed, the IT business witnessed a huge thrust and some companies grew immensely.

While listening to him, I realized how the rapid financial growth inevitably undermines the technological growth. I realized that in order to have a rapid financial growth, it is imperative for technology to set back. \which is the opposite of what capitalism stands for.

I’ll start by asking: what growth? Compare 1908 to 1958 to 2008. The most robust computer operating system is more than 30 years old and there is nothing new in sight. Computer technology is practically the same for the last 40 years. We predict technology growth according to Moore’s law! And people seem happy about it! My point is that we are witnessing not a technolodgy boom but a long tecnolodgy bust. Technology must grow slower than ever, at least for the last 5 centuries.

Land, sea and air travel are practically the same. Mobile phones are an old idea. We are presented with recycled  technological wonders. We have done little – if any – progress … they even tried the lustre of finaciers, look at SOA and now SaaS… I wonder where all the inventors are… Trying to pay for their fridge?

We are living on the commercialization of the technological breakthrough of the post-war era. We invented nothing since the 70’s. Even the internet is an old idea. It was just implemented inthe 90’s. But what since then? What didwe invent? The iPod? The digital camera? The answer is sad: nothing…

In my last years at the university I witnessed the disgraceful hunt of citations between professor, researchers and the like.




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