4 01 2010

This is my first iPod. An old green iPod mini with 4gb of space I bought a long time ago (2004). It still works great. This is my newest one: an iPod touch 3G released in October 2009. It is the smallest model with 8gb. I bought the first one for 200 Euros. I bought the second one for… 200 Euros.  I consider the latter overpriced due to the competition and actual cost of components. There’s probably a huge profit margin there. The two devices have one thing in common: the awful iTunes software. The “see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, do nothing” implementation lives on. Apple could spend a penny or two to have it refurbished though I think they don’t do that on purpose. Besides the fact that the iJunk piece of software is the same for so many years, a resource sucker with little – if any – added value, I cannot install it on my WXPx64 machine! That platform is not supported, for some obscure reasons. Not even the 32 bit can be installed. Just terrible.

Apart from that the new device works smoothly and nicely. I got it in order to play with application development.  Didn’t try anything yet but the platform is very … proprietary… Applications can only be distributed through App store for a price that the developer has to pay. Let’s see…

So it seems that as with most of the very promising things you get little in the end. What you can do with the device is limited. There is no possibility to use external cards (for example SD) to extend the memory or see photos and the like. There is no card slot and the only possibility would be to get a bulky dock station with slots. You cannot very easily transfer files (like pdfs) to read. All in all a proprietary platform in a rustique packaging that limits itself  by vice to doing only a few things. I just hope android devices are better than this…




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